Vegetarian feasts: hearty dishes for every appetite

January 23, 2024

When you think of a feast, your mind might instantly jump to roasts, pies, and other meat-centric dishes. However, vegetarians don’t have to miss out on the fun. There are countless hearty, delicious, and fulfilling vegetarian dishes that can cater to every appetite.

These meals aren’t just for the vegetarians among us. Whether you’re trying to reduce your meat consumption, eat more healthily, or just switch up your regular dinner routine, these dishes are perfect for you. They’re packed full of flavour, nutrients, and will leave you feeling satisfied.

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In this article, we will guide you through six delectable vegetarian recipes. From creamy risotto to a vibrant salad, these recipes will make dinner time a mouth-watering affair.

1. Creamy Vegan Risotto

Risotto might be a dish that screams dairy, but it’s surprisingly easy to make this Italian classic vegan.

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Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency. It can be made in a variety of ways, but this vegan version uses vegetable broth and nutritional yeast to create that traditional creamy texture and taste. Healthy and comforting, this dish takes roughly 45 minutes to prepare and cook.

To start, heat olive oil in a large pan, add chopped onions and garlic, and cook until they’re softened. Add your risotto rice and stir it around so that it gets coated in the oil. Gradually add vegetable broth to the rice, constantly stirring until the liquid is completely absorbed before adding more.

After the rice is cooked and creamy, sprinkle in some nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper. Nutritional yeast will give your risotto a rich, cheesy flavor without any actual cheese. Stir well, then serve your creamy risotto with a sprinkle of fresh herbs for an extra pop of color and taste.

2. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Bowl

This sweet potato and black bean bowl is a power-packed vegan dinner dish that’s as tasty as it is nutritious.

This dish is a photo-worthy, vibrant mix of colors and flavors. It’s an easy recipe that takes about 40 minutes to prepare. The sweet potatoes are roasted until caramelized, mixed with smoky black beans, and served over a bed of fluffy quinoa.

To prepare, toss sweet potatoes with olive oil, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper, then roast in the oven until tender and caramelized. In the meantime, heat some oil in a pan and sauté onions, garlic, and black beans with a pinch of cumin until everything is nicely browned.

Cook quinoa as per package instructions, then serve it up in bowls. Top with your black bean mixture, sweet potatoes, and finish off with a drizzle of a simple lime-based dressing. You can also add some avocado slices or a spoonful of salsa for extra flavor.

3. Hearty Lentil Stew

Lentil stew is a hearty, belly-warming dish that’s perfect for a chilly evening.

This dish is as hearty as they come. Nutritious lentils are simmered in a flavorful broth with vegetables and herbs until everything melds into a thick, satisfying stew. This recipe takes about 50 minutes to prepare, and it’s well worth every minute.

Start by sautéing onions, carrots, and celery in olive oil until they’re soft and starting to brown. Add garlic, diced tomatoes, lentils, and vegetable broth, then season with thyme, bay leaves, salt, and pepper. Let the stew simmer until the lentils are tender and the flavors have melded together. Serve your lentil stew with a piece of crusty bread for a satisfying vegan dinner.

4. Sesame Soba Noodle Salad

This sesame soba noodle salad is a refreshing, nutrient-rich dish that can be served hot or cold.

This Asian-inspired salad is a wonderful, versatile dish. Nutty soba noodles are tossed with an array of colorful veggies, then drizzled with a tangy sesame sauce. It’s a quick dish that takes about 20 minutes to prepare.

Cook soba noodles according to package instructions, then rinse under cold water. While the noodles are cooking, prepare your vegetables – bell peppers, cucumber, carrots, and green onions are all great choices. To make the sesame sauce, combine sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and a touch of sugar, then adjust to taste. Combine noodles and vegetables, drizzle with the sauce, toss well, and garnish with sesame seeds.

5. Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed bell peppers are a flavorful, satisfying dinner that’s perfect for a cozy night in.

A rainbow of bell peppers are stuffed with a sautéed mixture of quinoa, black beans, corn, onions, and a blend of spices. They’re then baked until tender, creating a delicious, healthy, and visually appealing dish. This recipe takes about an hour to prepare, but the result is well worth the time spent.

After the bell peppers have been halved and de-seeded, cook your quinoa. Simultaneously, sauté onions until translucent, then add black beans, corn, and your spices. Combine the quinoa with the sautéed mixture and spoon it into the bell pepper halves. Bake until the peppers are tender and the filling is heated through. Serve your stuffed bell peppers with a dollop of guacamole or a drizzle of your favorite sauce.

6. Vegan Chickpea "Tuna" Salad

Vegan chickpea "tuna" salad is a refreshing, protein-packed dish that can be served in a variety of ways.

This recipe takes a classic lunchtime favorite and gives it a vegan twist. Chickpeas are mashed and mixed with celery, onions, and pickles, then tossed with a creamy, tangy sauce to mimic the taste and texture of tuna salad. It’s an easy dish that can be prepared in just 15 minutes.

To make, mash canned chickpeas in a bowl until they’re broken down but still have some texture. Mix in diced celery, onions, and pickles, then stir in a sauce made from vegan mayo, mustard, vinegar, and a dash of salt and pepper. Serve your chickpea "tuna" salad sandwiched between slices of whole grain bread, on top of a bed of greens, or as a filling for wraps.

7. Vegan Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup

For those seeking a comfort food experience, this vegan black bean and sweet potato soup can indeed hit the spot. It’s a warm, hearty dish packed with nutrients – plus, it’s gluten-free!

This delightful soup is an appetizing amalgamation of sweet potato and black beans, seasoned with a dash of spices. You can prepare this recipe in an Instant Pot, making it a quick and easy option for those with busy schedules. The entire process, from preparation to serving, takes approximately 45 minutes.

Start by sautéing chopped onions and garlic in olive oil using the sauté setting on the Instant Pot until they are translucent. Next, add diced sweet potatoes, black beans, cumin, chili powder, and vegetable broth. Lock the lid in place and set the pressure to high for about 15 minutes.

Once cooked, allow the pressure to release naturally before opening the lid. Blend a portion of the soup to create a creamier texture, while still leaving some chunks for a satisfying bite. Finally, season with salt and black pepper to taste, and garnish with chopped cilantro before serving. This recipe is the epitome of healthy vegan comfort food.

8. Veggie Fried Rice in an Air Fryer

Fancy a classic takeout dish, made healthier and vegetarian? This air fryer veggie fried rice is the perfect quick and easy dinner recipe for you. It’s a flavorful, colorful dish that’s sure to satiate your craving for Chinese cuisine.

The air fryer gives the rice a wonderful, slightly crispy texture that’s similar to a stir-fry but uses far less oil. This dish takes around 30 minutes to prepare and cook, which makes it an ideal option for weeknight dinners.

Start by preheating your air fryer. Meanwhile, in a bowl, mix together cooked rice, mixed vegetables of your choice, a dash of soy sauce, and sesame oil. Transfer the mixture to an air fryer safe dish or pan and insert it into the preheated air fryer.

Set the temperature and timer according to your air fryer’s specifications for fried rice. Generally, it’s about 375°F for 15 minutes. Stir once midway to ensure even cooking. Once done, you can add more soy sauce, black pepper, or chili flakes to suit your taste. Serve hot with a side of vegan spring rolls for a complete restaurant-style meal at home.


Transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on delicious, hearty meals that satiate every appetite. The recipes featured here showcase the diversity and richness of plant-based cooking. From creamy risotto to vibrant salads to comfort food like sweet potato and black bean soup, vegetarian meals can indeed be as delightful as they are varied.

These healthy vegan recipes prove that you can enjoy a range of flavors and textures even without the inclusion of meat. So why not venture beyond your go-to recipes and explore the mouth-watering world of vegetarian cuisine? You can view each recipe and their corresponding recipe photo on our website to get inspired. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or just looking to cut down on your meat consumption, these flavorful, nutrient-rich meals are sure to become favorites in your dinner rotation.